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Bhutan Trekking Information

10-12-2018 - 09:10:58 | Tandin Tobden

Bhutan – The tiny kingdom in the Himalayas, truly offers an amazing experience for trek enthusiast seeking a wonderful experiential journey. The freshness of the mountain breeze, smell of the spring flowers, the changing landscape, the sights and sounds of nature, the clean and unspoiled trials, all come together to make your trekking more than special. Your journey into the land of the thunder Dragon takes you between the lines of truly memorable travel tale and an escape into the natural heaven.

Fitness Required

While traversing on any one of our exotic trek a good amount of fitness level and stamina is required to complete and enjoy the trek as a whole. Most of the trek takes you through lengthy and harsh regions of Bhutan traversing continually high altitudes. We encourage all our value trekkers to undergo fitness training prior to your trek journey.

Some of the treks listed below are recommended for experienced and skilled trekkers

  • Legendary Snowman Trek (I)
  • Legendary Snowman Trek (II)
  • Jomolhari Masagang Trek
  • Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek

Guide, Staff and Gear

Wild Mountain Adventure has sets of professional crew. All our guides and cooks will accompany you throughout your journey.

  • The support team usually consists of a qualified guide, a cook, and a number of assistants
  • The ponies and yaks used on trek are accompanied by their owners, who go ahead of the group so that camp is already set up by the time you arrive.
  • We provide a dinning tent, toilet tent, dome or A-frame sleeping tent (twin-sharing), mattress, foldable tables & chairs, plates & washing bowl with hot water for a morning wash. We also carry a basic First Aid kit.

Food on Trek

While on trek we provide both local andcontinental healthy foods, or sometime can prepare a food of your choice just to bring your adventure an enjoyable and memorable one. Our cook coordinates the shopping with fresh and healthy products from the market and prepare during the trek.

  • Breakfast: In breakfast, we usually serve toast, juice, milk, coffee, tea, cereal, fresh fruits, fried bacon or sausage, pancakes and egg.
  • Lunch: We usually carry packed hot lunch.
  • Dinner: We serve range of freshly available meats, like grilled meat, fresh fish and chicken, fresh pork and beef, optional vegetable available. We also provide local and regional specialties.

Regarding food, if you are vegetarian, do let us know while booking your trip.

Where to Sleep

Various camping locations were used depending upon the available water source, into the pine clad valleys, majestic hinterland or spurs with endless views, a heaven of still and scenic beauty, in the village with the local community surrounding you, nearby the temple & monastery with early morning sound and chanting of religious ceremony, near by the lakes and sometime in the most remote small rustic, wilderness with beautiful areas. Moreover, we used the existing clean campsite.

  • Standard: Simple, clean and comfortable accommodation with two person tents, camp mattress, camp pillow, hot water bottle and fleece blankets.
  • Luxury: We offer luxury service with comfort. Comfortable space tent with comfortable two single beds, comfortable pillows, mattress, and hot water bottle and fleece blankets were served on our luxury journey.
  • Premium: A touch of style. Experiencing the remote and wilderness with luxurious distinctive feel.


If you have any questions, doubts and any other travel related problems about going to Bhutan ? Please feel free to call us at +975 17999315 OR email us atwildmountainadventure@gmail.com