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Bhutan Trekking 2020

25-12-2018 - 07:25:23 | Tandin Tobden

We do not claim! But the stunning nature beauty and the relatively isolated nature of Bhutan truly presents a heaven for nature and mountain lovers. The majesty of the snow-laden Himalayan mountain peaks rising abruptly at the northern end is a sight beyond compare. These snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks, wreathed in their stillness and timeless beauty, silence the trekkers as they experience the awe-inspiring approach to them.

Here we would like to highlight some of the best treks of Bhutan that can completely change your life. On these selected trek you will not only enjoy the stunning natural beauty with beautiful landscape, but you will also get an opportunities to explore the side of the kingdom, meet the local people, learn about their culture, history and traditions.

  1. Classic Lunana “Snowman Trek”. This is a 25 days trek that is best undertaken in September till early November. This trek is regarded as one of the most difficult trek in the world because of the altitude.

  1. Laya Gasa Trek. This is a popular 14 days trek best undertaken in April – June and September – November. It is a medium-hard trek taking trekkers through diverse terrain and mountain village down to Gasa.

  1. Jomolhari Yaktsa Trek. It is a moderate difficult one and last for 8 days. It is best undertaken in April – June and September – November even December.

  1. Druk Path Trek. It is one of the most popular and spectacular short 6 days trek. Best undertaken in March – May and September – November.


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