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25-12-2018 - 07:25:23 | Tandin Tobden

We do not claim! But the stunning nature beauty and the relatively isolated nature of Bhutan truly presents a heaven for nature and mountain lovers. The majesty of the snow-laden Himalayan mountain peaks rising abruptly at the northern end is a sight beyond compare. These snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks, wreathed...

Unique Bhutan Treks for 2019

10-12-2018 - 09:10:58 | Tandin Tobden

Bhutan – The tiny kingdom in the Himalayas, truly offers an amazing experience for trek enthusiast seeking a wonderful experiential journey. The freshness of the mountain breeze, smell of the spring flowers, the changing landscape, the sights and sounds of nature, the clean and unspoiled trials, all come together to...

Bhutan Trekking Information

03-12-2018 - 06:3:23 | Tandin Tobden

Bhutan by and large remained cut off from the rest of the world and its relative remoteness and low profile in today’s global world, one may naturally assumes it would be difficult getting there. Fortunately, with the planned economy development, accessibility became easy with both motorable roads and by air....

Getting into Bhutan

25-11-2018 - 07:25:38 | Tandin Tobden

Bhutan is a small landlocked country on the eastern edge of Himalayas. The kingdom is known for its dramatic landscape, pristine nature and rich ancient cultural heritage. The kingdom has been hidden for centuries from the outside world. Today because of its vast network of modern development and easy access...

Bhutan – Heaven for Nature Lover’s

29-03-2018 - 09:29:23 | admin

From pleasant short hike to challenging high altitude trek are scattered all over the country; you just let us know your interest and needs. We do almost all the trek including the Snowman Trek, considered to be the world’s toughest trek. We are proud of our record of success because...

Bhutan Trekking

26-03-2018 - 03:26:29 | admin

Bhutan is an all season destination but when it comes to trekking Spring and Fall (autumn) are best time. There are low altitude trek that are best explored during winter months. Be it spring or autumn the trekking trail are markedly less busy making it great time to visit. Spring...

Best time to Trek in Bhutan