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Bhutan Trekking

Trekking in Bhutan is an experiential journey in the stunning natural beauty and the relatively isolated nature. The undisturbed and unexplored natural environment and the fabulous landscape present heaven and an insight into the serenity and beauty of the wilderness most people only read about. Almost all the treks are renowned for its pristine natural trail per-excellence with breathtaking range of endless Himalayan landscape. Most trail winds through some of the most remote and harsh regions, offering numerous opportunities to explore remarkably abundance of flora & fauna, dramatic landscape, virgin glacier lakes and pristine ecology. The stunning Himalayan mountain peaks wreathed in silent dignity to their stillness are some of the greatest appeal. For the explorer and keen naturalists, there is n better way to unearth an amazing array of personal experience than on trek.

Choose from our range of trekking packages and tailor a tour program any way you want to create a personalized or group trip to the kingdom’s heartland.

Bhutan Trek

Fitness Required

Fitness Required

Trekking in Bhutan vary from easy to vigorous to strenuous and much beyond. As one gain higher altitude the air becomes thinner. To cope up with the decreasing level of the oxygen, you need to understand the difficulty level and the need to build aerobic fitness. Trek demand little extra and while traversing on any one of our exotic trek, a good amount of fitness level and stamina is required to complete and enjoy the trek as a whole. We strongly urge you to start training several months before you venture off to Bhutan to achieve optimum fitness. Almost all our selected trek takes you through lengthy and harsh region, traversing continually on high altitude. We guarantee that you will enjoy any of our listed challenging treks far more if you are mentally and physically fit. You may have a good level of fitness and regular walking habits, but you still need to train more for a long-distance walking at higher altitude.

Where to Sleep?

The overnight camping is guaranteed inside clean and unspoiled natural environment. It allows you to stay in the heart of the most breath taking natural scenery. The camping ground we provides in various locations depending upon the scenic beauty with available water source, into the pine clad valleys, majestic hinterland or spurs with endless views, a heaven of still and scenic beauty, in the village with the local community surrounding you, nearby the temple & monastery with early morning sound and chanting of religious ceremony, near by the lakes and sometime in the most remote small rustic, wilderness with beautiful areas. Almost all the campsites are located near and in the National Park soaking deep inside nature.

Where to Sleep

Best time to trek

Best Time to Trek in Bhutan

Despite its location only few months are window in a year for trekking in Bhutan. Spring and autumn are considerably the two most beautiful season of the year for trekking in Bhutan with few exceptions of low altitude treks that are better during winter months. Autumn (September till November) is the most popular time of the year for trekking because of the stable weather and clear blue sky. Temperature do remain high during this period, however, the steady humidity declines to comfortable levels. Spring (March till May) is the second most perfect season with warm weather. Spring season offers an amazing display of wild flowers, adding a sense of wonders to the landscape. The clear blue sky offers opportunities for the majestic view of the Himalayan mountain peaks providing a sense of wonder for trekkers along the way.

Sustainable Trekking

As a global community, Wild Mountain Adventure is constantly working towards protecting the fragile environment and making use of its precious natural resources in an efficient, fair and responsible way. We encourage our value trekkers to support conservation of Bhutan’s natural environment by shouldering great responsibility in respecting, preserving and not polluting the environment.

Environment Guidelines

  • Get the clear instruction of does and don’t from you local guide regarding appropriate conduct.
  • Do not throw empty bottles, chocolate, biscuits and candy covers/wrapper while trekking and hiking. Put the wrapper in your bag and get rid of it on arrival at campsite.
  • If you are a smoker be extremely careful while throwing your cigarette butts, as it is one of main careless cause of unintended forest fire.
  • We strongly discourage scribbling on trees; uproot plants, picking up the flowers etc. Let the beauty of the nature shine as it is.
  • Make sure to use the toilet facilities away from the river or water source.
  • Using streams and lakes for bathing and cleaning, we strongly recommend minimizing the use of soaps with strong detergents from polluting the water.
  • While trekking and hiking inside the parks, kindly maintain distance from the habitat wildlife of the areas.
  • Do not be tempted to purchase animal products like skin, teeth, and bones. It is illegal in Bhutan.

Travel/Medical Insurance

We strongly recommend that before your commence on your holiday, take out your holiday insurance policy. Suggest with your travel agency for available, or speak to your own insurance broker.

Whatever Your Trekking Style, Start Planning Your Trek Today

We understand everyone loves nature thrill to better experience the destination. Our wild journeys are designed to help you see the wild side of Bhutan with new eye. Whether you are coming for the first time or a multi-traveler, we are always there to help you discover the best and make you experience Bhutan in an authentic and exciting way.

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Cultural Trek

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Winter Trek

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