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Challenging Trek

Challenging Trek

The challenging high altitude trek truly offers an amazing experience for trek enthusiast seeking a wonderful and lasting adventure in an unspoiled and unexplored environment. The trail runs through some of the remote and harsh regions, through most impressive and exquisite landscape. It presents a heaven and an insight into the serenity and the beauty of the wilderness most people only read about. Almost all the trails are located somewhere in the northern part of the country allowing adventure trekkers teasingly close to the snowlines and making them experience the beautiful kingdom clothed in rich forest from lush valleys to mighty mountains. The freshness of the mountain breeze, the smell of the spring flowers, the changing landscape of the kingdom, the sight and sounds of nature, all come together to make the trekking trail more than special. Your trekking journey in the Land of the Thunder Dragon takes you between the lines of a truly memorable travel tale.


What to expect

While going on with any of our challenging trek make sure you will be doing a lot of walking over the course of the trek. Expect 7-9 hours walking over a variety of terrain on any given day.

Weather on trek is unpredictable. It may turn from good to bad any time of the day. Before hitting the trail it is important to know what kind of weather to expect and plan accordingly. Play safe and take rain check.

Acute mountain sickness is a condition brought about by decreasing oxygen content in the blood due to low atmospheric pressure at high altitude. It can hit anyone regardless of your age and fitness level. It is real and should be taken very seriously.

A multi-day trek is not easy. The physical aches and pains on trek will soon forgotten. The absolutely breathtaking view of the majestic Himalayan Mountain peaks, stunning landscape and the helpful and kindness of your Bhutanese trekking team will remain lasting memories of a lifetime.