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Cultural Trek

Cultural Trek

Bhutan cultural trek is generally short, easy and enjoyable journey. Recommend for beginners, family with children and to those generally wishing to explore the outlying village on foot.  It takes you through some of the scenic and unforgettable landscape while exploring the unique cultural, historic and natural attraction. If you are on the right time, visitors will also get an opportunity to participate in the vibrant spiritual celebration known as Tshechu (festival). It is a spectacle social occasion with ancient mythical performance.


What to expect

The remarkably unblemished cultural heritage, friendly people and the mosaic lifestyle of the Bhutanese people are some of the daily visible feature on cultural trek.

Weather on trek is unpredictable. It may turn from good to bad any time of the day. Before hitting the trail it is important to know what kind of weather to expect and plan accordingly. Play safe and take rain check.

You will be doing lot of walking over variety of terrain, including steep hills, high suspension bridge and rocky path. Expect 6-8 hours walk on any given day, however, your effort are rewarded at every turn.

Cultural trek may give you many unique experiences; some are pleasant while some are best forgotten. You should set your mind to face different challenges like climbing up and down the rough terrain and enjoying exciting experiences.