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Winter Trek

Winter Trek

Bhutan winter trek is generally short and easy, fit for beginners or family with children looking for adventure. The trail mostly follows the old trade routes between villages to village. The best time to advance on any winter trek is between September and February. With no haze of cloud, the views of the snow clad Himalayan mountain peaks are impressive. From the beautiful terrace valley to over the mountain passes and through picturesque valleys, Bhutan winter trek offers an escape into the raw natural beauty. The duration of the trek range from short two days to a long six days and can suite different levels of ability and interest.


What to expect

Winter has its own moments. The winter landscape lays bare the majestic of the mountains and the sweeping valley. In the valley winter are pleasant, temperature are low, day are full of sunshine and trekking is very enjoyable experience.

Some high altitude winter trek can be subject to snowfall and heavy cold. Expect sub-zero temperature and pack accordingly.

Weather on trek is unpredictable. It may turn from good to bad any time of the day. Before hitting the trail it is important to know what kind of weather to expect and plan accordingly. Play safe and take rain check.

Trekking in winter may give you many unique experiences; some are pleasant while some are best forgotten. You should set your mind to face different challenges like climbing up and down the rough terrain and enjoying exciting experiences.